Wednesday, April 27, 2011

We're onboard...and LIFE IS GOOD!!


It's amazing how, no matter how many times we board one of these Disney ships---every time is like the first time and every time I just about cry walking through the door!!

We were able to get on wel before the majority of the crowd because we got to the port early (and thank heavens, too, because they had major software problems with the check in shortly after we arrived that caused the check in process to be much slower than normal for Disney and so we were able to avoid that frustration).  Once onboard we had some lunch at Parrot Cay (one of the restaurants for all you non-DCL folks) with Debbie and her mom Janette, Scott & Lynn (all DISBoard friends from previous trips) and another couple. 

After lunch we did a little bit of exploring about the ship since our rooms weren't ready.  This picture to the right is a picture of a new lounge/coffee bar/bar in the adults only area of the pool that was not here the last time we were on this ship and which, to our knowledge, is not on the Magic either (yet).  It's very nice inside, out of the elements and with a nice view of the pool.  While walking about we ran into our tablemates and Scott & Lynn in there, as well.  When we went to introduce them to one another, they all recognized each other from previous trips-----it's amazing the way DCL people can create a kind of community around shared vacations....part of what we love!

Then it was more time just spent  exploring and enjoying the ship before we headed to our room (once it was ready), to change into our bathing suits and play in the pool for a bit before the lifeboat drill (we wanted to swim today because it's over 80 degrees and we're headed to colder climates so we have no guarantee that we will have other chances to swim!)

Here are a few more shots from around the ship:
Jason on Deck 10 (top deck) with the port in the background and a cool bridge that spans the port area---not as cool as the golden gate bridge which we'll see in two days, though!

Jason standing next to the iconic "smoke stacks" of the Disney ships (note:  they are fake---in fact this one is a night club for the teens inside!)

View of the LA port area from the other side of the ship.

View of the port building from the top of the boat.  That Red sign down there is the welcome sign I had a picture of in our last post! :)

Me next to one of the other stacks.
OK readers----that's it for now.  This may be our last post until we get into a port where I can get good internet access or cell phone service (and tether my phone to steal its 3G network)....but we'll update when we can.    If the blog goes quiet for a while, just tell yourself: THAT'S CUZ ERIK & JASON ARE HAVING THE TIME OF THEIR LIVES!!!! :)


  1. ERIK & JASON ARE HAVING THE TIME OF THEIR LIVES! I have repeated it many times and it doesn't get easier - ha ha!!! LOVE the blog and hearing all the fun stuff. Lunch sounded great. Hopefully you can get some internet access for us land lovers that are not with you!

  2. Bon voyage, boys! We'll be thinking of you from deep in Mexico!!!

  3. Hadley and familyMay 2, 2011 at 6:22 AM

    Sounds like you got off to a great start. Tell Scott and Lynn hello from us--and get planning with the DIS group for a trip to Heidelberg!

  4. Hey! I just found out you guys are on this B2B and blogging! Looking forward to following the fun. This post is kinda nostalgic for me, 'cause I grew up in the Long Beach area, and used to drive over that "cool bridge" every day to get to work in San Pedro. Wish they'd had all these cruise ships going out of Long Beach & San Pedro when I lived there!

    Enjoy your cruise!!!