Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Monday at DisneyLand & California Adventure....

Jason & I meet "the big cheese" himself Monday in the parks.
Well, it's not even 7am yet and I'm awake---have been for over an hour---I guess my body is still a little bit on East coast time...so i figured I'd get up and post a short blog about our Monday in the parks here.

Because we'd done about 90% of the rides and attractions that the two parks here have to offer....we were able to have a very casual and relaxed day.  This was nice just because it's a pleasure to have a vacation where you're not constantly on the go....so being able to spend a more leisurely day was very nice.  It was also nice because Monday was the nicest day we've had here in California yet.  It was in the mid-70's most of the day (according to the weather updates on our smartphones) but the sun was out the entire day so it felt even warmer...

....in fact, the sun was so out that---DOH!---I got a little sunburn on my face and neck!  ARGH!  I got complacent about sunscreen and didn't think we'd be out in the sun as much as we were (and didn't think the sun would be as present as it was because it hadn't been the other days here so far) and I got a little baked! UGH! (I wouldn't normally burn like this in the sun because usually when we vacation I have a pretty good base tan going so I don't usually need to put on sunscreen unless we're going to be out at a beach or something....but I don't have a tan anymore.  I used to tan in a tanning bed occasionally just to keep a little color going for exactly times like this but a couple months ago I developed a skin anomaly that I was very afraid might be a lesion or sign of some skin problem like skin cancer----it wasn't (THANK HEAVENS), but it scared me away from UV for good!!  So I started sunless tanning just to have a "healthy glow" and not look quite so casper-ish...but that doesn't help protect me from the sun.....so reminder to self (and everyone out there): SUNSCREEN EVERY DAY!! LOL)

Anyhow, back to our regularly scheduled program! *smile*

The monorail whizzes over the Nemo subs.
Our day started with a monorail ride from the Downtown Disney area into the main DisneyLand park.  The monorail system here in California is nowhere near as complex as the one in Florida (in fact it kind of makes the monorail here seem like a toy train set----only one route with two stops really)...but the monorail is still a fun and very "Disney" way to travel and get from point A to point B.

We got off the monorail in DisneyLand near the Nemo subs that we rode the day prior and headed straight into FantasyLand.  Most of what he had not been able to do the day before was located there.    So we spent the day riding the "kid rides:---which are still a thrill even when you're over 30!!---snacking, relaxing and having a great time. Here are some pictures of our day as big kids:
Me & Johanna riding King Arthur's Carousel.  Who doesn't love a good merry-go-round?!?!

Jason & Kimmy on the carousel.

Jason and I posed for some silly pictures in Mickey's Toon Town:

 And a nice pose by the Toon Town fountain:

Then we rode the Roger Rabbit which is one part tea-cups (you make your car spin) and one part regular story ride----we had never ridden this before and it was a HOOT!!!

And here's our funny story for the day (credit goes to Johanna for realizing the hysterical irony in this story)------as is apt to happen when one spends a day out and about, I had to use the bathroom.  Thankfully bathrooms abound at Disney parks (chalk it up to appealing to families with small children who need frequent potty breaks! hehehe).  So we found the nearest bathrooms....but when we did...I was faced with quite a conundrum:
UMMM----which bathroom is for me?!?!
What you can't see very well in this picture is that the bathrooms were right next to each other but they were not labeled "men" & "women."  Instead they were labeled:

What's a big ole queen like me to do?!?!   This made the four of us giggle for hours and hours....and reminded me a little of both our story yesterday meeting the "other" Disney fairy, Terence.....AND of a fun story from our last cruise when we wore our custom made Disney Princesses tuxedos and had a funny chance encounter with Princess Aurora (if you don't know that story, read our post on our old blog here: http://erikandjason2010.blogspot.com/2010/09/cruise-day-12-sea-day.html#more).  Ah....how Jason and I (and Kimmy and Johanna) delight in our sassy sense(s) of humor!!

After time in both parks and an ice cream cone....we had to come back to our room so Johanna could pack up and get ready to head home (*frown*----but at least we'll see her again on Friday when we're in San Francisco).  Then we did some shopping (I'll post more about all the fun souvenirs we bought) and Jason, Kimmy & I went to the Rainforest Cafe for dinner.  Then back to the room and to bed after a long and sunny but fun day!!


  1. Hi. I am totally stalking your pre-cruise vacation. :) I am really enjoying reading all of your updates. It is really helping make the wait for the Alaska cruise so much more bearable!

    Can't wait to meet y'all on the Alaska cruise!


  2. No problem...stalk away! That's what we're here for! :)

  3. Do you have anything special planned for your last night at Disneyland? Our biggest problem when we visit is we never are there long enough to eat at all our favorite restaurants in park but especially in Downtown Disney...

  4. Judy....we have a VERY exciting evening planned: Laundry and packing! LOL We are relaxing today and we did parks this morning...some pool time...have dinner ressies at Napoli in DTD and then we'll come back and get our stuff ready to go bright and early to the port!

  5. Our second favorite place to eat :-) The first is beignets and red beans and rice at Brennans! We have a Louisiana history and miss those in Seattle......

  6. you're a riot Erik.Anyways,I amglad that you had a nice day.I am so jelous.