Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Here we go again....


So you've found our new little corner of the web! 

For those of you who followed the last trip blog we did in September of 2010 during our fabulous Mediterranean & TransAtlantic voyage (you can find that blog here:, WELCOME BACK!  We're glad you're joining us again! 

For those who are joining our blogs for the first time...we're glad you've decided to join us! 

(And just a note for our return & faithful readers----why the new blog instead of just continuing the old one?  We hadn't realized how much people would enjoy reading about our adventures and so when we did our last blog we'd thought it would be a one time deal and created a blog title with the year in it....well, we heard from lots of people that they really enjoyed the opportunity to follow along with us and so we decided to create a new blog with a bit more general title "The Adventures of Erik & Jason" so we can just keep adding more trips and adventures as life goes on....and who knows, there might even end up being posts here and there that AREN'T to do with Disney trips, too!)

Anyhow, for those new to "traveling with us"....we create these blogs as a way to bring our family and friends along on our many vacations and adventures (most of which involve Disney in some way)....and you've arrived just in time because very, very soon (FRIDAY!!!) we leave on our next big adventure:  flying to Los Angeles to stay at DisneyLand for a few days followed by a Disney cruise from LA up to Vancouver, Canada and then cruising around Alaska!!  So hop aboard and come along for what we hope to be an AMAZING adventure!!!


  1. My daughter Catherine and I will be joining you on the Alaska portion of your vacation. I have been reading your blog from the Mediterranean & TransAtlantic voyage every night for the last week or so. It was so great to "travel" with you for 24 days. Thank you for sharing your journey, you do an incredible job writing. According to the Dis roster we are going to be just down the hall from you so see you in Vancouver.

  2. Hey Judy! Thanks for the kind words about our last blog. We're really hoping we'll be able to blog on this trip, too. (If you read the Med blog you know that the internet on the ship is infamously we may not be able to always blog in real time....but whenever we hit a pocket of internet access, we will try to post something....and we'll definitely update it once we get back!) If you see us on the ship in Alaska make sure to say HI----we'll be the cute couple in the great Disney ties and tuxes! :)

  3. Hadley and familyMay 1, 2011 at 1:34 PM

    We are all glad you are doing another blog! Oh, and when you are ready for a non Disney adventure--you KNOW Germany is awaiting you!!! (shameless hinting. I know--you can't blame a girl for trying).

  4. Yay, I am so excited that you guys are doing another blog. I am going to be reading like crazy to get caught up.