Wednesday, April 27, 2011

We're in the port!

We made it to the port....HOORAY!!  We were so early I could hardly stand exciting!  We were like the 6th person in line so we got into the port very early.  We met up with many old DIS friends in line...and even met our four tablemates who, ironically, ended up in line right behind us.  They're two couples...they know each other before this cruise but invited us to be their tablemates, as well. Their names are Randall & Kevin and Rob & Larry.

Now we're in the port building waiting to board the ship.  Here are a few pictures taken here at the port....unfortunately the port is not as well designed as Port Canaveral so you don't get nice views of the ship....but you can tell it's there...and that's what matters!!!   Here are some shots for our DCL friends who can't join us on this trip....just to hold you over til the next time you are on one of the ships:

You can barely see the hull of the Wonder through the front bus window as we turned towards the port.

The Wonder from our place in line.
The big welcome sign for us in the port.

My beautiful hubby waiting in line!  Wonder---here we come!


  1. Wonderful...enjoy that sunshine yu may not see much of it once you get up here to the NW...we are having a very late winter :-(

  2. Ahhhhhh! I am soooooo excited for you!!