Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Cruise begins today---not sure when next post will be.....

Greetings readers!!  Ok we are awake and preparing to leave for our shuttle to the port to start our cruise.

For those of you who followed our last vacation blog, you may recall that we had a lot of problems keeping the blog up to date----both because we were so busy on the cruise AND because the internet on the ship is not always the most reliable.  So I wanted to put a general warning out there to check back here often (or I think you can subscribe for updates, too).  I am going to TRY to post updates at LEAST every other day (maybe more often if I have a good connection and time).....BUT if I end up with technical difficulties, I cannot promise I will be able to get online and make the posts.  If that is the case then I will start to stockpile the posts and when I have internet service again (either during the cruise or after we get home) I will start posting all the updates at once----so you'll have lots of leisure time reading!! *SMILE*


  1. Enjoy the repo!! See you on the 3rd! Hope to meet you in person.

  2. HAVE A WONDERfun TIME!!! My best friend Carole & her husband Tom are on the b2b with you all too. SO my daughter & I spent the afternoon on the dock looking at the Wonder and waving at whoever would wave back. We stayed to say goodbye and let off our balloons. We were at a restaurant with other people who had Disney Hands to wave goodbye until fall. Our family of 10 gets to do the Alaska portion in July.
    Again. Have a WONDERful time and please keep up the great writing.
    Joyce aka DisneyPata on the disboard