Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Our LAST day at DisneyLand....

Well, it's our last full day here at DisneyLand.  Johanna left yesterday afternoon and Kimmy's flight home was today.  So we woke up early and hung out in our villa for a little bit (she stayed in our villa last night since Johanna had already checked out of their room.....so Kimmy got to sleep in our secret bed under the TV! Yipee!!).  Kimmy had a breakfast to go to so she walked with us to meet up with a group of other Disney fans and then we said our good-byes.  It was sad....we really wish she and Johanna were cruising with us again. :(

So I mentioned that we met another group of Disney fans this morning.....

...and that has to do with an internet connection, too.

I've mentioned one of our favorite Disney websites, the DISBoards, already in my blogs....because that is a great place to meet and talk with other Disney Vacationers.  Before we ever dreamed of learning about the DISBoards, however, we were already avid readers of another website:  www.allears.net  This site is, without question, the best Disney fan site out there....bar none.  They have so much information about all things Disney and vacationing and they have been an amazing resource to me/us over the years.  Whenever we know someone is going on a Disney vacation we ALWAYS tell them to check this site out, too.  Well, the owner/creator of AllEars, a woman named Deb Wills, is going to be on both the upcoming cruises (LA to Vancouver & then the Alaska cruise, as well) and she was having an informal meet & greet this morning here in DisneyLand which Jason and I went to and met not only her but several other folks who are also going to be on the cruise with us.  Here is a pic from the meet & greet:
Deb is the woman in the blue shirt on her knees in the front row center.
It was truly an honor to meet Deb because we love her site so much AND because she was so sweet.  We look forward to cruising with her----and she's organizing a walk to raise awareness of breast cancer during the cruise, as well, which we will join.  (Another inspiring part of who Deb is is that she is a survivor of breast cancer and is now an activist who participates in the Avon walk every year---and she participates big!  Last year she was the third highest fund raiser in the country----and she told me this year she is currently poised to come in 2nd in the nation! Go Deb!!)

Anyhow.....after the meet and greet, we went and did some of our favorite things one more time in the parks like Soarin', Tower of Terror, Toy Story Mania, etc.  It was the MOST relaxing day...walk around, ride something, eat something, walk around, shop a little (we've been buying all kinds of souvenirs and clothes that I really do NOT need but can't possibly live without! LOL), ride something else, eat something.....aaaah.....this is what vacation is supposed to be like!!  Here are some pictures we took...there aren't many because we were even too lazy for photos!   Both of these photos were taken doing a walk through tour of the Tarzan Treehouse, but I think they turned out well.  *smile*

After that, we came back to our room, started getting some packing done, did laundry and went down to swim in the pool before getting ready for dinner.  We had dinner at Naples restaurant in Downtown Disney.  It was pretty basic pizza and pasta fare...but yummy.
Jason waiting to place our order.

The sign/marquee for the restaurant where we ate dinner.

Our meals----pasta with a white sauce, chicken, red pepper flakes and peas for me.....and a pizza with fennel sausage for Jason. YUMMY!!
When dinner was over, it was back to our room to finish up laundry (the benefit of staying in the Disney Vacation Club Villas is free washer and dryer in your room/apartment so you can do your wash....which makes it easier to pack less clothing for longer trips like this one!).  While laundry was drying, we went up to the rooftop patio where you can hear and see most of World of Color.  It's nowhere near as good as watching it in the park like we did on Saturday night....but since we've already seen the full show once, hearing the soundtrack again and seeing the dancing colorful water was just enough to remind us how much we loved the show the first time we saw it!

Now it's time for bed so we can get up early tomorrow and make our journey to the port to start the next leg of our voyage!!

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  1. Oh we absolutely LOVE Deb's site too! Agreed that it i amazing--we have followed it for years and years. I think I *might* be more jealous that you met Deb than that you went to club 33.