Thursday, April 28, 2011

Houston---we have a problem!!

Hey readers and fans!

So if you read our blog from last year ( or noticed the post yesterday...we have had sketchy history with the internet on the ship in terms of whether we are able to post blogs or not. Well that has proven to be the case again now. The internet service here on the ship apparently blocks personal sites and blogging sites (probably because they use a high level of bandwidth---which is in scarce supply and already kind of slow when you're using satellite internet at sea). So there may be a momentary pause on our ability to post new posts-----or at least posts with pictures. I am pretty sure (I tested it before we left) that I can make TEXT posts by submitting emails to the blog (like this one) but they will not contain pictures. Jason and I are going to explore a work around and what we can do....but for the time being we will either not be posting at all or we will email in text only posts. If we have to do the latter, then we will go in and add the images and pictures later when we aren't blocked anymore (like in ports, etc.).

So in short-----keep your eye on the blog. We are still here....we're having a great time....we're just experiencing technical challenges....but watch the blog because it WILL be coming back!

Erik & Jason

(Note:  You'll notice that this post now has a main image.  I was able to log in just momentarily through the filter and add that picture....but I'm not certain how well that will work moving forward especially as I try to load larger images from our camera, etc.....but at least I see that the emailed messages if nothing else you'll be able to log on and READ about our'll just have to check back later to actually SEE any images from it!!)


  1. Whew! I got concerned when I saw "problem" in the title! Are they floating without power? Have pirates taken over? Are there no Mickey bars????? The horrors!!

    Glad to read that it's just the internet situation. Not that that makes it fun, but the mind can stop its frivolous wanderings! Looking forward to reading your updates when you are able to update!


  2. Hey there Erik and Jason! Stephanie here from the WBTA. I am so happy for you two to be on this Wonder-ful trip. Blogging with style. I love it. I will see the Wonder in September when we repo from Vancouver back to LA before it becomes the Mexican Rivera ship. Please tell Deb Wills I said hi. I can't wait to see what all you do. Enjoy!!!!!

  3. Now that we are back from OUR cruise--I am happy to post blogs for you again like on the TA if you need me to. You know where to find me.