Friday, April 29, 2011

Day 2 on the ship (4/28)---A Day at Sea!!

Well our second day aboard the ship was one of our favorite things:  A SEA DAY!!!  Many people ask us, "What do you do on sea days? Don't you get bored? Don't you feel trapped on that boat?"  NO!!  In fact, we actually looked at what we had to do during the day the night before and thought....."AHHH...tomorrow is going to be so relaxing!  We don't have much to do, we'll just hang out!"  Then before we knew it we were getting ready for dinner! LOL

So the day started relatively early---7:30am---and we were greeted with a beautiful sunny morning.  This picture was the view from our balcony....but don't be fooled.  It was COLD! The wind was really whipping up and the boat was moving a bit (which Jason and I don't actually mind) and we needed windbreakers/sweaters to be out on open deck.  We had gotten up so early because we needed to be down by the gift shop at 9am so we could get in line to get the collector's pin (which we will make into a collector's magnet) for this cruise....

....but we went for breakfast first. 

Despite the windy weather, we decided we wanted to eat out on deck and enjoy the view and fresh air.  This is a shot of us having breakfast (note our new hoodies----two of the many souvenirs I did not need but refused to live without from DisneyLand----you can't see it well, but Jason's is black and white and covered with Disney Villains!).

After breakfast we got in line for our pins/magnets (and had a great conversation with a lovely couple in line behind us who were on their first Disney Cruise and were already raving about how much different...and BETTER...this experience was than previous cruises they've been on!). 

Then we went to a social/meeting for Disney Vacation Club Owners and I actually won a DVC blanket in a little raffle they were having.  We probably should have skipped this event, however, because it put both Jason and I in the DVC mood----and we decided to buy some more DVC points! LOL  Not a lot....just a few more points at one of the resorts that we already own at and love (Animal Kingdom) so that we have enough points to play with to stay at better times of year or in larger villas, etc.  I swear buying points on cruises is addictive!!

After the DVC event, we met up with Deb and her mom and went to a Castaway Club event for people who had cruised before.  This picture of the of three of us is fun because none of us drink----but don't we look fancy toasting with our sparkling apple juice with a cherry floating in it! LOL   These events are pretty ho-hum (they really were just trying to convince us to sail on the Disney Dream....but Jason and I already have tickets for September! LOL)....but there's free food and a chance to get your picture taken with Mickey (which will be on our picture CD later in the cruise and I'll share it then).

After that it was off to lunch and then scrapbooking class.  You may recall that in a previous blog post I "introduced" you to one of our DIS friends, Linda.  She is an avid scrapbooker and we met her on our 2007 TransAtlantic Cruise where she put together a scrapbooking class that Jason and I did just to be social----but ended up leaving with an AMAZING souvenir.  So when she announced she was going to do another scrapbooking class on this trip,  we were in for sure!!  She puts a lot of time and energy into designing and laying out a book that is themed around our trip/itinerary and brings all the supplies AND very detailed it's kind of "Scrapbooking for Dummies."  We LOVE this...and her for doing it!  We're excited to get our scrapbook home and to finish it off with pictures from our trip and once we do we'll post some page by page images of it here on the blog for everyone to see!  In the meantime, here are some pictures of us during the class:

After Scrapbooking we went back to our room and rested for a bit before heading to the adult cafe area to play a few rounds of one of our favorite games---Bananagrams!  This was a fun way to kill some time and chatting with our friend, Scott, before we had a quick meeting with DVC and then had to get to our room to shower and change and get ready for formal night!

Tonight was "The Golden Mickeys."  This is one of our favorite shows----a musical with an Oscars kind of theme and everyone wears formal clothing aboard.  Of course you know you that means that Jason and I have to have special outfits...and tonight's were EXTRA special.  I made us Golden Mickey tuxedo sets with vests and bow ties:
You can kind of see in the picture that there is a silhouette of Mickey Mouse that I painted in gold on black fabric and then made the vests----which is cool, sure....but what's even cooler is that it's not just ANY Mickey's THE silhouette from the show:

So Jason and are the only two people to have "official" looking Golden Mickey tuxedos which was super fun and cool....and everyone thought they were very dapper.....
Posing in our Golden Mickey garb with our friend, Deb.
....but, of course, the highest praise came from:
....Mickey and Minnie.  They were beside themselves with how cool our vests were! :)

Then it was off to dinner and we were beat!!  It was a very fun evening and even though it had felt like we had "nothing to do" for the day...the day was gone!!  After dinner we went back to our room and were greeted by:
....and then we turned in for the night because we wanted to get up early the next day so we could be up on deck when the ship sails under the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco for the first time!!


  1. Loved the day - I wish I could scrapbook with you guys!!! Looks like you had a blast and LOVE the vests. Mickey, I am sure, was impressed. Stay warm!

  2. Did you know a small group is meeting to scrapbook Wednesday, on the Alaska portion, headed by bittenbythecruisebug. You should drop in and see what she has created. I have a ton of supplies sitting here waiting when I come home to do all of my Alaska photos. I love to save my memories in scrapbook form.

  3. I just absolutely LOVE the vests! WOW!!

  4. First - I am so not computer savy so I'm commenting using the "anonymous"!! :)

    I love love love your new vests!!! I've seen so many of the others and always enjoyed seeing what you were wearing each night but these really blow the others away!! Great job!!!!
    (MagicMe - Melodie)

  5. Best vests and ties EVER!!!!! I am so excited about these.

    It is also exciting to hear that the Golden Mickeys still exist! Is it an always thing on the Wonder now--or just because of the special itinerary?

    How awesome that Linda did another scrapbooking class. You lucky ducks.

  6. Thanks for all the kudos on our vests!

    Hadley---Yes right now "The Golden Mickeys" is staying on the Wonder but I heard it may also appear on other ships, as well. I think DCL has now created a menu of shows that they can rotate on and off ships depending on how much sets and costuming they require; and what the cast make-up at any time is. Right now, however, the show is definitely on the Wonder cruises until further notice.

  7. I am in love with your vests! I have spent way too much time reading your blog today but it is just too fabulous to stop. Scrapbooking on board looks like a blast. I am a big fan myself although I do mostly digital these days.

  8. Those are the neatest vests and bow ties ever. You have to show me how to make them. Rio will be so thrilled that the Golden Mickeys is still around somewhere. It is his all time favorite show. The scrap booking class looks like so much fun. I am jealous. The class on the TA was great. Have an awesome rest of your trip.

  9. Erik and Jason you have outdone yourselves with the vests. Way cool. Love that you are back to updating the blog. Love riding along with you.

    Stephanie (Steffy)