Saturday, April 30, 2011

Friday in San Francisco---On Our Own!!!

Friday morning we were up at the crack of dawn---literally---and none too happy about it! LOL  But we wanted to be awake and join our fellow cruisers upstairs on the open decks to be a part of Disney's first sailing beneath the Golden Gate Bridge to enter San Francisco.    Before we could head up on deck, however, we had to put our specially designed San Fransisco door magnet on our door! :)  I've included a picture of it here for everyone's viewing picture.

Now.....on to the adventure of sailing beneath the Golden Gate Bridge for the first time ever on a Disney ship.....

Friday, April 29, 2011

Day 2 on the ship (4/28)---A Day at Sea!!

Well our second day aboard the ship was one of our favorite things:  A SEA DAY!!!  Many people ask us, "What do you do on sea days? Don't you get bored? Don't you feel trapped on that boat?"  NO!!  In fact, we actually looked at what we had to do during the day the night before and thought....."AHHH...tomorrow is going to be so relaxing!  We don't have much to do, we'll just hang out!"  Then before we knew it we were getting ready for dinner! LOL

So the day started relatively early---7:30am---and we were greeted with a beautiful sunny morning.  This picture was the view from our balcony....but don't be fooled.  It was COLD! The wind was really whipping up and the boat was moving a bit (which Jason and I don't actually mind) and we needed windbreakers/sweaters to be out on open deck.  We had gotten up so early because we needed to be down by the gift shop at 9am so we could get in line to get the collector's pin (which we will make into a collector's magnet) for this cruise....

First Day Aboard the Ship (4/27)

So, faithful followers.....we're back (temporarily).  We have pulled into San Francisco and now that we're back at land in a US port, I can get internet access that is reliable and fast (and free---through my cell phone!!).  So I'm going to try to back track and give you blogs of the last couple days you've missed while our internet was shotty.

So when we left off, we had just had lunch with some of our DIS Friends onboard which was awesome.  Once lunch was over, we went down to talk to the dining managers with Deb & her mom because they weren't thrilled with their original dining assignment but were able to get themselves switched to be on the same rotation as us (so they'd be in the same restaurants as us every night) AND put at the table NEXT to ours (which was empty)----so they basically will get to eat with/near us each night which will be fun. 

After getting them hooked up with a better dining arrangement, it was about time to get into our rooms, so we headed up to our cabin---#7622.  The picture posted here is of our sad, lonely, undecorated door.  If you have sailed Disney before or read our last blog, you'll know that we (and many others) decorate our cabin doors with later during this trip we'll post pics of our door spruced up a bit-----and we'll post some pictures of some of the special magnets we have for this trip. (Note:  On our last trip we had a new magnet for every day of the cruise, but for this trip we just didn't have the time to do that prep we have brought back some of our themed magnets from previous cruises and we only made a few new magnets...but we'll be sure to share!)

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Houston---we have a problem!!

Hey readers and fans!

So if you read our blog from last year ( or noticed the post yesterday...we have had sketchy history with the internet on the ship in terms of whether we are able to post blogs or not. Well that has proven to be the case again now. The internet service here on the ship apparently blocks personal sites and blogging sites (probably because they use a high level of bandwidth---which is in scarce supply and already kind of slow when you're using satellite internet at sea). So there may be a momentary pause on our ability to post new posts-----or at least posts with pictures. I am pretty sure (I tested it before we left) that I can make TEXT posts by submitting emails to the blog (like this one) but they will not contain pictures. Jason and I are going to explore a work around and what we can do....but for the time being we will either not be posting at all or we will email in text only posts. If we have to do the latter, then we will go in and add the images and pictures later when we aren't blocked anymore (like in ports, etc.).

So in short-----keep your eye on the blog. We are still here....we're having a great time....we're just experiencing technical challenges....but watch the blog because it WILL be coming back!

Erik & Jason

(Note:  You'll notice that this post now has a main image.  I was able to log in just momentarily through the filter and add that picture....but I'm not certain how well that will work moving forward especially as I try to load larger images from our camera, etc.....but at least I see that the emailed messages if nothing else you'll be able to log on and READ about our'll just have to check back later to actually SEE any images from it!!)

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

We're onboard...and LIFE IS GOOD!!


It's amazing how, no matter how many times we board one of these Disney ships---every time is like the first time and every time I just about cry walking through the door!!

We were able to get on wel before the majority of the crowd because we got to the port early (and thank heavens, too, because they had major software problems with the check in shortly after we arrived that caused the check in process to be much slower than normal for Disney and so we were able to avoid that frustration).  Once onboard we had some lunch at Parrot Cay (one of the restaurants for all you non-DCL folks) with Debbie and her mom Janette, Scott & Lynn (all DISBoard friends from previous trips) and another couple. 

We're in the port!

We made it to the port....HOORAY!!  We were so early I could hardly stand exciting!  We were like the 6th person in line so we got into the port very early.  We met up with many old DIS friends in line...and even met our four tablemates who, ironically, ended up in line right behind us.  They're two couples...they know each other before this cruise but invited us to be their tablemates, as well. Their names are Randall & Kevin and Rob & Larry.

Now we're in the port building waiting to board the ship.  Here are a few pictures taken here at the port....unfortunately the port is not as well designed as Port Canaveral so you don't get nice views of the ship....but you can tell it's there...and that's what matters!!!   Here are some shots for our DCL friends who can't join us on this trip....just to hold you over til the next time you are on one of the ships:

On our way!!

We are on our way!! We are on the bus on the way to the excited to see the ship as we turn the corner...and then to reconnect with all our old cruise friends and meet new ones....and then soon we will be able to board the ship and the next leg of our adventure can begin!

Cruise begins today---not sure when next post will be.....

Greetings readers!!  Ok we are awake and preparing to leave for our shuttle to the port to start our cruise.

For those of you who followed our last vacation blog, you may recall that we had a lot of problems keeping the blog up to date----both because we were so busy on the cruise AND because the internet on the ship is not always the most reliable.  So I wanted to put a general warning out there to check back here often (or I think you can subscribe for updates, too).  I am going to TRY to post updates at LEAST every other day (maybe more often if I have a good connection and time).....BUT if I end up with technical difficulties, I cannot promise I will be able to get online and make the posts.  If that is the case then I will start to stockpile the posts and when I have internet service again (either during the cruise or after we get home) I will start posting all the updates at once----so you'll have lots of leisure time reading!! *SMILE*

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Some Photos from our time at DisneyLand....

So those of you who know me and/or our blogs will remember that Jason and I are very big into photos from our vacations.  We take a lot with our own camera (and phones), but we also really love investing in photo packages both in the parks and on the ship(s). 

In the parks, they have a great system called "PhotoPass" where they have Disney photographers posted throughout the park and you get a card you can scan that collects all your photos electronically and then you can review them and order prints or a CD with all the digital files----we LOVE this system and we always get lots of pictures taken and then buy the CD.

Well this past weekend with the girls, the four of us did PhotoPass to the hilt!  In just over 3 full days, we were able to get over 250 pictures taken!!!  Jason and I picked up the CD today and there are so many amazing pictures from our trip already that we are already able to look and see all our wonderful memories. 

We thought we'd share an assortment of our favorite photos from this CD collection......

Our LAST day at DisneyLand....

Well, it's our last full day here at DisneyLand.  Johanna left yesterday afternoon and Kimmy's flight home was today.  So we woke up early and hung out in our villa for a little bit (she stayed in our villa last night since Johanna had already checked out of their Kimmy got to sleep in our secret bed under the TV! Yipee!!).  Kimmy had a breakfast to go to so she walked with us to meet up with a group of other Disney fans and then we said our good-byes.  It was sad....we really wish she and Johanna were cruising with us again. :(

So I mentioned that we met another group of Disney fans this morning.....

A little Disney PRIDE.... this is pretty much just a silly filler feel free to skip it if you want to....but as Jason, Kimmy, Johanna & I were spending time in the parks this past few days....we noticed a theme in merchandising:  RAINBOWS.

Now, we're pretty certain that it wasn't intentional (and in some cases the items were even marked as "World of Color" themed), but we couldn't help but notice that all this rainbow Disney/Mickey merchandise had a certain GAY PRIDE kinda flair! LOL  Every time one of us saw a new rainbow themed item, we'd say "Oh good...another gay mickey!" LOL

So we thought we'd do a little pictorial blog of some of our favorite Disney PRIDE items this season here at disneyland:

Monday at DisneyLand & California Adventure....

Jason & I meet "the big cheese" himself Monday in the parks.
Well, it's not even 7am yet and I'm awake---have been for over an hour---I guess my body is still a little bit on East coast i figured I'd get up and post a short blog about our Monday in the parks here.

Because we'd done about 90% of the rides and attractions that the two parks here have to offer....we were able to have a very casual and relaxed day.  This was nice just because it's a pleasure to have a vacation where you're not constantly on the being able to spend a more leisurely day was very nice.  It was also nice because Monday was the nicest day we've had here in California yet.  It was in the mid-70's most of the day (according to the weather updates on our smartphones) but the sun was out the entire day so it felt even warmer...

Monday, April 25, 2011

And now.....Club 33....

OK, so Easter Sunday was our dinner at Club 33....a highlight for our stay here in California and, in truth, one of the primary reasons that the girls (Johanna & Kimberly) decided to join us here at DisneyLand----not that I'm sure they don't both love spending time with us (*wink*), but because we invited them to share the experience and they knew, like we did, that it was not a chance that comes along all that often (or possibly ever again)!!

So, before I go too far into talking about night at Club 33, I should give a little background on what it is and how we came to be invited to eat there.......

Our Easter Sunday at DisneyLand

Well, I did not get a chance to post a blog yesterday about our day with the it's time to play a little catch up now.  Yesterday was, obviously, Easter Sunday----and we decided to spend it in DisneyLand proper (NOT California Adventure).  This is the Disney park that most people think of when they think Disney-----the castle, the Dumbo ride, etc.   But people who are only (or mostly) familiar with Walt Disney World in Orlando, FL might be surprised to know that while there are a lot of similarities between the East Coast and West Coast versions of Disney Parks....there are a lot of differences, too....which means that getting to spend a full day in DisneyLand here in CA, while it would be fun for us no matter what, was still a nice experience because it is very different from the Orlando park that we are so used to!

(Note:  I know some people have asked if there was anything extra special done because it was Easter and my answer is, sadly, no----not that we noticed at least.  There was some Easter themed candy and food and our resort had an Easter Egg Hunt for the kids....but there was nothing like a special parade or anything like that....and we didn't even see any characters in special Easter garb, either.....but maybe we missed it!)

So on with our Easter at DisneyLand.....

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Holidays!

 Good morning readers and followers!!

It's an unpleasant hour here in Anaheim, CA (6:45am to be exact) and we're up and about to get ready for our day. 

For those who celebrate---however you celebrate---we thought we'd post a message of HAPPY EASTER!!!!


...we know that it is also a special time of year for our Jewish's wishing all of you a HAPPY PASSOVER as well!

First FULL day at DisneyLand....

OK, so the picture to the left is NOT from's actually a picture I took of Jason yesterday in front of the Sleeping Beauty Castle and the iconic statue of Walt & Mickey in the main DisneyLand park...but I forgot to post it, so I thought I'd post it today.  Isn't he cute? :)

Besides, it seemed a fitting picture to post for a blog about our first full day (with Kimmy & Johanna, of course) here at DisneyLand...even though we spent the day in the OTHER park here:  California Adventure.  (For all you non-Disney folk out there, California's DisneyLAND has two main parks---DisneyLand and California compared to Florida's DisneyWORLD which has 4 parks (Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Animal Kingdom & Hollywood Studios) plus 2 water parks).  So today was a California Adventure Day for us......

Saturday, April 23, 2011

My new favorite feature of our villa......

OK...this is totally silly.....but this is my new favorite feature at a DVC villa that we found in our villa here at the Grand Californian.  To the left is a picture of me with the entertainment center in the living room of our villa.  It's very nice....flat panel TV, DVD player...beautiful big wood piece of furniture....but wait......there's more......

Our first evening in DisneyLand.....

Well our first night at DisneyLand has come and gone...and how lovely it was!  Jason and I were the first in our group to arrive at DisneyLand so we checked in and unpacked a bit and then decided to venture out of our room to get some light breakfast groceries----juice, bagels, cream cheese, fruit, etc.  The benefit of staying in the villas is you have a kitchen and so you could, in theory, cook and eat all your meals in your room----although we never do.  We always get breakfast, at least, but we never feel like we want to lose time in the parks or anything by coming back to make food.  Here in DisneyLand, however, everything is much smaller and closer together than it is in the resorts in Florida and so we've found that we can walk from both the parks and to our room in less than 15 minutes-----so if we ever decide to come out and spend a few days again...we may seriously consider doing some grocery shopping and just making meals to save a little money! don't want to do that on your first day in the park.......

Friday, April 22, 2011

We are here!

Jason with display welcoming us to the happiest place on earth!
Well, it's 7pm here in California...and we arrived safely!  Our flight was mildly stressful because bad weather in Chicago made us leave Rochester late (don't you just LOVE sitting in an airplane on the runway?!) and we thought we'd miss our connection in Chicago.  That flight was delayed, too, though....which was good that we didn't miss, but then we got into CA a lot later than we'd expected.  It worked out OK though because by the time we got to our resort our room was ready.......and it's gorgeous!!

Disney---How Do I Love Thee??

So, most people won't need this explanation...but if you're new to our trip blogs, you might be Erik and Jason REALLY mostly only vacation with Disney?  And why?  The answer to the first question is ABSOLUTELY!!!  And the answer to the second question is....well...too long an answer for this blog, honestly----but suffice it to say that we have a deep love of all things Disney and we love Disney vacations!

We're on our way!! we're not technically ON OUR WAY yet....but we're out of the house, at least and sitting in the airport waiting for our plane!

Ugh the things I do for a fabulous vacation!  Those of you who know me well know that early mornings and I are NOT close fact, I'm morally opposed to any time in the morning when it's still as dark as it was when you went to bed....which is what we woke up to at 5am when our alarm went off this morning.  Amazingly, though, when the alarm went off, I woke up almost instantly and was ready to go.  Does it say something awful about me that if the alarm goes off at 5am and I'm going on vacation then I'm ready to jump out of bed and get going-----but if it goes off at 7:30am and it's time to get up for work I just can't motivate myself out of the bed? LOL

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Oy....the packing....

Well, for any good trip the final necessity is the packing....and we waited til the last minute to get it done, too.  It's 10pm the night before we have to get up at 5am to catch our morning flight to California and we JUST finished all our packing.  Here are some pics of everything thrown around our bedroom and spare bedroom:

 Miraculously....we were able to get it ALL into just 3 suitcases that all came in under 50 pounds!  We were pretty we just have to hope that we packed everything we need.  We're not used to having to pack for a climate that might be chilly....vacation for us usually involves sun and swimming and beaches....but this time around it's whales and glaciers and igloos for us! YIPPEE!!!  

OK, now have to turn in so we can get up in time to make our flight....looking forward to bringing you all along on our trip!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Here we go again....


So you've found our new little corner of the web! 

For those of you who followed the last trip blog we did in September of 2010 during our fabulous Mediterranean & TransAtlantic voyage (you can find that blog here:, WELCOME BACK!  We're glad you're joining us again! 

For those who are joining our blogs for the first time...we're glad you've decided to join us! 

(And just a note for our return & faithful readers----why the new blog instead of just continuing the old one?  We hadn't realized how much people would enjoy reading about our adventures and so when we did our last blog we'd thought it would be a one time deal and created a blog title with the year in it....well, we heard from lots of people that they really enjoyed the opportunity to follow along with us and so we decided to create a new blog with a bit more general title "The Adventures of Erik & Jason" so we can just keep adding more trips and adventures as life goes on....and who knows, there might even end up being posts here and there that AREN'T to do with Disney trips, too!)

Anyhow, for those new to "traveling with us"....we create these blogs as a way to bring our family and friends along on our many vacations and adventures (most of which involve Disney in some way)....and you've arrived just in time because very, very soon (FRIDAY!!!) we leave on our next big adventure:  flying to Los Angeles to stay at DisneyLand for a few days followed by a Disney cruise from LA up to Vancouver, Canada and then cruising around Alaska!!  So hop aboard and come along for what we hope to be an AMAZING adventure!!!