Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A little Disney PRIDE....

OK...so this is pretty much just a silly filler post...so feel free to skip it if you want to....but as Jason, Kimmy, Johanna & I were spending time in the parks this past few days....we noticed a theme in merchandising:  RAINBOWS.

Now, we're pretty certain that it wasn't intentional (and in some cases the items were even marked as "World of Color" themed), but we couldn't help but notice that all this rainbow Disney/Mickey merchandise had a certain GAY PRIDE kinda flair! LOL  Every time one of us saw a new rainbow themed item, we'd say "Oh good...another gay mickey!" LOL

So we thought we'd do a little pictorial blog of some of our favorite Disney PRIDE items this season here at disneyland:

Marshmallow pops covered in colored sugar---kind of like peeps---only in a very PROUD color bouquet!!

Mickey antenna topper----this one needs little or no explanation, really! LOL

Rainbow mickey neck lanyard for your tickets, ID & pins.....

...and speaking of pins....the "mickey rainbow" pin...and the funny thing is this pin is often on the shelf near the mickeys that look like flags from around the world....gee...I wonder what flag this one is supposed to be? LOL

Pride colored popcorn!!

The "world of color" Mickey candied apple!!

A key cover......Kimmy actually bought both Jason and I one of these as a souvenir!! :)


  1. Great stuff Erik! Did you buy any of it - besides the key cover? Hope you had fun "relaxing" today and not running around.

  2. No....we only got the key covers. We actually already have the pins at home and we have some fun Mickey bracelets that are rainbow colors, too, but that we didn't see (or look for actually, until I just thought of it) this trip.