Sunday, May 22, 2011

Souvenirs galore....

OK, so I know I promised while we were still on our vacation that we would post some pictures of our magnets and other souvenirs from this trip (and I know at least one reader out there is hoping to see a picture of the new Tigger figurine I got). 

So here goes....a few of the things that we got to remember this trip by:

I already posted a picture of these earlier, but while we were in Skagway, Alaska we realized we might need something to help protect us from wet weather so we bought these rain protective windbreakers; and then, of course, if you kept up with our blog you know we didn't really end up needing them because we had amazing sunny weather for basically the rest of our trip----but no matter, we like them and it definitely gets rainy in Rochester...and it's nice to have an additional remembrance of our time in Alaska...since who knows when we might get back there again!

I've also been on a bit of a hoodie kick we bought two new hoodies (I wanted to buy more than two but Jason resisted! LOL) while were in DisneyLand during the first part of our trip.  You may have noticed us wearing them in some of the pictures that we posted earlier from this trip:

Here are closer images of the hoodies we got:
If you can't fully make it out...this hoodie is covered with Disney Villains like the Wicked Queen from Snow White, Captain Hook, the Big Bad Wolf, Chernabog, Jafar, Ursula and Maleficent. 

This obviously has the "big cheese" himself on it...but I loved how colorful it was.
(Note:  Both of these hoodies are actually girls/womens hoodies...but I like the cut and the style of them better than any of the boy hoodies we saw----and besides, it's me after what do I care if I'm wearing "girl clothes"?! LOL)

I also bought a pink women's tank top with a sequined Mickey Mouse on it while we were at DisneyLand.  I intend to use it to create a large applique to go on the back of a black hoodie so I have a pink and black hoodie with a sparkly Mickey on it (I mean, really, why should only the girls get fun sparkly things?! LOL)

I also got the following three items:

The center item is a picture frame made out of colored glass with Mickey's image throughout it.  Anyone who's ever been to our house knows that our living room/1st floor is decorated entirely in black and bright color accents brought in primarily through a collection of unique colored glass vases and candle holders that we have----so when I saw this picture frame in a shop at DisneyLand I knew we had to have it to put on the main floor in our house!

The Tiggers above are both Tiggers I got on this trip.  The one on the left is the one we found in the Walt Disney Family Museum that I didn't already own---so we snatched it up. The one on the right is one that Jason bought for me as a surprise on the ship.  I don't know HOW I possibly missed it in the gift shop aboard the ship (my eyes are usually pretty keen at spotting Tiggers I don't already own), but Jason saw it in a display behind the cash registers in the ship gift shop and one afternoon snuck away from me to get it.  He actually put it on the desk in our room behind my laptop one evening so that when I went to shut my computer for the night it was just sitting there....such a sweet surprise!!

And then, of course there are the magnets!  Again, if you've ever been to our house, you know that Jason and I have special magnetic paint covering the walls to the staircase leading into our basement (which is our office/den space).  We use little magnets to hold a wide array of 4x6 pictures from our various trips and vacations (mostly of us, but some with friends and family with whom we've traveled, as well).  Interspersed throughout all those photos are a collection of magnets. Of course we collect magnets of Tigger and Roo---but we also collect magnets from all our trips.  We try to get a magnet from any city or state or country we go to....and any theme park or hotel we visit....and a magnet representing the year of any vacation we take, as well.  As you can imagine we have quite a display going...and every time we travel we add to it!  Here are the magnets (some of them are actually pins that we are going to TURN into magnets...but you get the idea) that we got for this trip to add to our walls:
These are the magnets from the California portion of our trip.
These are from our stop(s) in Canada between California and Alaska.
These are our Alaskan magnets----that bottom one is actually a cool wooden postcard that they were selling on the ship that we turned into a magnet.
These are our "general" magnets---for the hotels, parks, etc.


  1. Love all the pins! I also love the little puppy! Glad to hear you liked the Pirate film.

  2. I love your Jim Shore Tigger. DO you have the only other one he has done so far? I own at least 6 Tinkerbell figurines, a couple of outdoor Mickey items and a few Christmas Disney. Love his characterizations. In case you haven't seen it here is a link for the Tigger pot hanger
    We have Chip and Dale and Tinkerbell pot hangers. Will be ordering Goofy soon. Fun addition to decor :-)

  3. I adore the frame--it is PERFECT for your living room. Also, the story of how Jason left Tigger just hiding there behind your laptop is so sweet and so Jason-y.

  4. Thanks ladies!!

    Judy---no I do NOT have that pot hanger....but I've forwarded the link on to Jason so he knows what I want for my birthday this year!! :)