Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Saying Good-Bye to the Disney Wonder....

The image to the left is the only door magnet that was left on our door overnight our final night on the cruise and stayed there until we finally left our cabin for the last time on Tuesday morning.   I need to thank a DIS friend (I think Sandi, right??) for making this door magnet for us on our last cruise....and I have loved it so much that I bring it on all vacations since to use on our last night....because it so accurately captures my feelings about getting off the ship (or leaving our resort when we're at the parks).

Nonetheless----the vacation had to end..... I write this, we are safely back home in Rochester and the vacation is definitely over and the real world (and our own time zone! LOL) have definitely started to sink in.  The trip back was OK...but not uneventful.  The disembarking process in Vancouver was not as smooth as we're used to from Disney Cruise Line in its normal ports (I think they're still working the kinks out with it being a new port, etc.) and it was made all the more stressful because we had an 11am flight and didn't even get off the ship until a little after 8am...loaded onto the bus and it didn't leave the port until about 8:30 (maybe later) and then it was a 45 minute drive to the airport.  When we finally got up to the check-in counter, we had less than 2 hours before our flight took off and we still hadn't finished checking our luggage or gone through US customs/border patrol!!  I was a little frazzled...and then we had a minor hassle at customs (nothing major but it did eat up almost 30 minutes of time!!!).  Thankfully we did make our plane and the rest of our flights for the day were on time and not too bad (although any cross country flight, I think, just sucks by nature of how long they are and how abysmally uncomfortable planes are for an extended period of time! LOL)  

On the flight home we watched "The Social Network" on my laptop.  It's a really good movie and I enjoyed it.....but, let me say this, I am one of the few human beings who does NOT have a facebook account (it's always seemed like a lot of work and like there are too many opportunities to breach boundaries, invade privacy, etc.).  Watching this movie crystallized for me the fact that I will likely NEVER get a facebook account because Mark Z. (the site's creator) is a total a-hole!! LOL

That's irrelevant, however.  So we got back home around 10pm, started to unpack a little and then I took Nyquil to force myself to go to sleep (remember, my body kind of thought it was dinner time) so that I could get up for work on Wednesday morning.  UGH!!!

Anyhow...vacation is definitely over and I miss it already.......and so I am going to take this moment to channel my inner melodramatic queen (ok, maybe it's not so inner, huh? LMAO)...but I think the occasion of our ending our vacation calls for quoting (with a few minor edits) the lyrics of 80's & 90's diva Taylor Dayne's torch song "Love Will Lead You Back":

Saying goodbye
Is never an easy thing
But we never said
We could stay forever.
But if we must go
Darling we'll set u free
Cuz we know in time
We'll be TOGETHER!! (That's a belted out high note *LOL*)
We won't try
To stop you now from leaving
Cuz in our hearts, we KNOW!! (Another belted out high note *LOL*)
Love will lead us back
One day I just know that
Love will lead us back to your charms
It won't be long...
One of these days our love will lead us BACK!  (Yet ANOTHER belted high note---it's not really a torch song without those moments, people!! *LOL*)

LOL....I know I'm too much...but that made me giggle at least----and for all you 80's queens out there, it probably made you giggle, too....admit it!  This seems an appropriate song because the only reason I don't need to medicate from the post-vacation-depression is that I know there are more vacations & cruises on the horizon....not the least of which is a vacation this September to Walt Disney World and on a short cruise to the Bahamas on Disney's newest ship, the DREAM!!

The vacation is over, but the blog is not.  In the next day or two I hope to post some more of our professional portraits from the second half of our cruise....and maybe some pictures of our souvenirs, magnets....and our scrapbook once we have it finished----anything to keep the vacation memories alive!!  Also....keep an eye on this blog from time to time for updates on our future trips and vacations...and maybe on other exciting events and adventures in our life in between vacations!!

Our new puppy, Merlin (at about 7 weeks)!!
(Note:  Our next major adventure is that we've adopted a newborn Yorkie puppy, who we've named Merlin, and who will be coming home to live with us for good when he's between 12 and 14 weeks old----so we're thinking at or soon after Memorial Day!!)


  1. OMG - Merlin is the cutest!!!!

    So it sounds like you took the DCL transfer back to the airport? Going in August and our flight leaves at 11:25 (only way to get home same day and be able to go to work the next day!!). Sounds like we hopefully will be okay!

    I've loved reading your adventures (again!). I am now officially pysched! Thanks for sharing.

    MagicMe (Melodie)

    Glad you had a great time & enjoyed your trip. Loved reading all of your adventures. You are a fantastic writer!!!
    Chris Pennella

  3. PS LOVE that Merlin's little face!!!!

  4. Love little Merlin! Also, love the 80's and yes, I was laughing about the song. I know you will take great cruises in the future. Keep the magnet I made, glad you like it sooo much. I still have mine and that is exactly how I feel when I am packing.

  5. Thanks everyone----we're super excited about our new little guy and can't wait til he gets home to live for good. I was reading Yorkie books throughout the cruise and making a shopping list of things we still preparing for our new fur-baby is going to be a nice distraction from my post-vacation depression! LOL

    Chris---I missed the girls, too, and can't wait to see everyone soon!

  6. I love the magnet. It is perfect--and exactly how we feel at the end of every Disney Cruise.

    PLEASE do post a photo of the new Tigger statue you found. I was sad it was not in the post you mentioned buying it in.

    Merlin looks sweet. I am thinking you will have one unhappy and jealous bird and one unhappy and jealous cat or a while now.