Friday, August 10, 2012

Like a phoenix from the flames...

Greetings faithful readers & followers---if there are any of you left!  I know it's been months and months since we last posted an update to this blog...and we're sorry.

I was going to use some zombie-like metaphor about bringing this blog back from the dead---but that seemed more than a little bit morbid so I decided a better image would be: a majestic phoenix rising from the flames!!

So here we are...reviving our blog!!  This post is just a we are boarding the Disney Magic for a weeklong cruise out into the Atlantic and then up the Eastern coast of Canada (with a couple stops in Nova Scotia)...but during our trip I intend to finish up several blogs that are long overdue to be posted here.  So in the next week or ten days look for some blog updates on the following:
  1. Our April Wedding (which was A-MAZ-ING!!!)
  2. Our honeymoon trip to Hawaii
  3. This current trip to NYC and cruise to Nova Scotia
  4. ...and I may even go back in time and try to post a blog about our trip to Walt Disney World and aboard the Disney Dream back in September 2011
So keep an eye out for our updates and LOTS of fabulous pictures coming very, very soon!!

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  1. Hi guys--it is nice to see a post and we can't wait for more! Have a great trip--we'll think of you on our Disney trip while you're on your Disney trip.