Monday, November 28, 2011

Our apologies.....

Greetings readers, followers and fans….if any of you are still even out there!!  I know that we have have left this blog woefully stagnant for a very long time now.   Life has been crazy here with both our jobs and cheerleading and planning the wedding and everything there has just never seemed to be any downtime for blogging; and every time I think I'll sit down and post an update, I can't muster up the energy or creativity and find it's just easier to either take a nap or turn on the TV or play with our puppy, Merlin (who is doing wonderfully!!)…or some combination of all three!!  LOL So please accept these flowers as a token of our sincere apology….and be assured that there are new posts coming to this blog very, very soon!  We do intend to post a little about our vacation earlier this fall….and, of course, there will be wedding updates to post as plans are starting to fall into place!  So check back soon and often for updates on life here on our end!!

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  1. Glad to know that you two are still there and prospering. Glad also to hear that you are having much fun with Merlin. Missed you all!