Friday, June 24, 2011

Something to be excited about OTHER than our puppy....

I know that many of you who read our blog have been waiting for more updates on our new puppy, Merlin....and I promise they will come soon (we have more pictures and he had his first grooming appt. and vet appt. this past week, there are new haircut pics, etc.----but we have to load them off the camera and stuff).

However, right now Jason and I have something even more exciting to celebrate than our new puppy (although I know that's probably hard to believe *wink*)-----and that is that tonight in the late hours before the NY State Senate closed its session....we won same-sex marriage in NY State by a 33-29 vote (we only needed 32 votes to win)!!

I certainly don't presume to believe that everyone who reads this blog because they love our Disney trips or our stories about our new puppy necessarily supports the cause of same-sex marriage....but I do hope that no matter who you are, if you have gotten to know me and Jason (either personally or through our blogs) that you know what an important issue this is for us.  I was literally in tears as watched the senate session vote live on TV and it became clear the vote would go in our direction.  Words really can't express how profoundly this moves us.

So.....anyways....for those of you waiting for more Merlin-related posts, yes they are coming....soon I promise.  BUT....there will also be other adventures to blog about in the near future, as well----like our September trip to Disney and Cruise on the Disney Dream.....AND A BIG GAY WEDDING SOON, TOO!!!!


  1. Congrats to you both! Keep us posted on the wedding date - do it soon. I am so pleased for you on this momentous occasion.

    And, now … after you have a chance to come back to earth and have some time … bring us up to date on the "Adventures of Merlin." Merlin's self-proclaimed California Godmother (ChipperMerlin who wishes she were still on the Hawaii cruies) needs some "puppy" pix.

  2. When I first heard of this tonight I instantly thought of the two of you. Congratulations on living in a a progressive state. It has ping-ponged so much in Washington state I can't even tell you if it is legal here or not this year.............
    But I am with Shirley, thrilled for you two but a puppy fix please

  3. I am so thrilled. I was so excited when I heard about it this morning. I am so happy for you guys. We completely baffled my friend Ayme who was over this morning because my Mom just said 'It passed' and we got so excited. Really it is fantastic. It is coming along one state at a time and NY was a big one for us because of you guys. It's just downright wonderful. Congratulations.

  4. THIS is a thousands time more welcome than a Merlin post (not that I do't like Merlin--just that this is SOOOOOO important). We broke out the good wine and vineyard grape juice and celebrated in your honor tonight.
    It is driving me nuts that I am not there to give you and Jason a giant hug.

  5. I heard the news driving home from Clinical last night and immediately thought of you two. Congratulations. I am so very happy for you ahd for the state of NY!
    - Anna (I voice from the distant past May 2007)

  6. Thanks to all who have posted their kind words and support. I have to be honest that I'm still a bit in shock about it's amazing the difference it makes to wake up one morning knowing that in that day you are recognized and valued in a way you were NOT the day prior. We've really had an outpouring of support and love from friends, family, coworkers, my cheerleaders and their families and Disney friends. It's just amazing and we're so touched!!

  7. Erik, reading your comment about waking up and knowing you are recognized and valued in a way you have not been before has me tearing up again. I am so sorry it has been so ling coming, and that it is still a bit tenuous and that it is not on a federal level--there are LOTS of us who personally recognize you and Jason and your love as just as valid and wonderful as our own. I wish WE had the final say on these laws so that you would never have to fight for your civil rights again.

  8. Erik - you and Jason were the first two I thought of. Soooo glad there is a wedding in your future. Keep us posted and pictures of Merlin are so cute. Hoagie was in Downtown Disney today and just loved it. You will love your dog adventures and I will hear stories about it any time.